Saturday, 4 July 2015

airport adventures

We are looking forward to a family vacation but are delayed at the airport for 8 hours (so far). I'm not sure how I feel about the compensation....20 each for food and 75 voucher for a future flight.    Might be okay except I have a child with autism and anxiety who is pretty stressed at the moment. I asked for access to the quiet lounge in place of the 20 each in food vouchers but no go.   Hoping Ry can make it. He is a little agitated to say the least.  

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Visions of this website

I am starting out slowly just writing some posts to see where it leads me.....I am not sure yet what my end vision of this site is.  I know I typically need to feel purpose in the things I do. I like to feel as though I am making a difference in some way. My thoughts are that I want it to be a positive place, an inspirational place, a place where we can focus on moving forward from difficult circumstances that present in life.  I have been told by many friends and colleagues that I am a very strong person who has overcome many challenges.  I have also been told that I have a story to tell and I believe that my son and daughter could also tell their autism and mental health and divorce have impacted them.  They are my heroes. I gather my strength through them.  They are my inspiration. And maybe this site will be a gateway to the story someday.

My son designed the butterfly logo....we chose to add the autism puzzle piece concept to the wings of the butterfly to help bring things together. This is symbolic for all of us, but the butterfly was the symbol I chose for a tattoo when my divorce was finalized.  I wanted something that symbolized a transformation to new life for me...the coming out of a cocoon, a rebirth, a freedom to live.....hands down, the butterfly was it!  My daughter is also inspired by butterflies and has tried her hand at saving caterpillars.  Hopefully one day she will witness one transforming into a beautiful butterfly. And for my son, the puzzle pieces reflected in the wings of the butterfly to show what we hope this site to be....reflections of a butterfly with a focus on autism, mental health and piecing it all together.

I am thinking of having tabs to define sections where I can post links to current information/news/inspiring quotes etc...

Mental Health
Inspirational stories/quotes
Siblings of those with special needs

It's a start......hopefully the juices will continue to flow so we can try some things soon!
Signing off for today.

So much in life is a gift

We take so much for granted until we no longer have it.  This past weekend was one of celebration with my daughter's birthday and mother's day happening back to back, along the wonderful gift of my son moving back home after taking a bit of time to live with his father.
We take so much for granted each and every day....that our children will always be with us; that siblings we be happy and safe together; that people we love will always be with us; that we will have our health, and the list goes on.....
I personally believed at one time that the life partner I chose would always be with us as a husband and father,  and one day that all changed in the blink of an eye.   Having 2 homes has been a challenge for my children, one I often admit (to them) that I understand very little because I had 2 parents and 1 home and never had to adjust to moving between houses.
Transitions like this are difficult for all children and throwing autism into it makes it even more complex. He struggles to transition from a preferred activity to a non-preferred activity, so you can imagine how overwhelming moving between 2 houses can be for him at times.  No matter how much we try to keep the rules and expectations consistent, there will inevitably be differences between us.
My son has been struggling with OCD germ issues in addition to autism and anxiety for years, and at the very beginning of 2015 his germ issue became directed towards his younger sister.  It became difficult and harmful emotionally for them to remain under the same roof, and it was clear that my son needed some time to de-escalate so that he could calmly begin to use some of the strategies he has been taught over the years.
It has been heart-wrenching not having both of my children together enjoying one another.  Future plans to do things together had to be put on hold.
Hopefully now we can start to plan all the activities we want to do together again.
It seems so simple to have your children together always until you can't have it.  I feel more appreciative of those simple things that we so often take for granted.  I love having the 3 of us back under one roof!  Today I appreciate this incredible gift :)
I know my daughter is very appreciative of these small things now as well; simple things like receiving an invitation from her brother to play a game or do an activity together such as a bike ride.
So much of what has happened in our lives have made all of us appreciate the special moments in the everyday. This is something we never did before....something we didn't do when we took so many of these things for granted and made the assumption that the life we were living would always be there in that static state. Change can be very good as it can truly teach you to appreciate the gifts you have and recognize them as just that....GIFTS.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Mother's Day

As I reflect on my journey as a mother I appreciate how blessed I am.  I have 2 incredible children who enhance every moment of everyday for me.  My son  is now 12 and my daughter  just turned 9 yesterday. Where has the time gone? Motherhood has taught me more lessons than anything else in my life.  It is these lessons that I hope to share with this blog.